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Instead, the appeal of romance in games leans on the emotional or psychological end of the spectrum. How about a ghost dog looking for his owner?

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Or maybe you'd rather rob a bank? Ghosts are into all sorts of things.

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Part horror, part comedy, and kinda sorta heartbreaking, Speed Dating for Ghosts is a game like no other about finding companionship and closure in the afterlife. Meet more than a dozen ghosts of oh so many backgrounds, genders, and time periods.

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Learn how they died, as well as how they lived, then help them find peace Flörtölni hűtlen on what you say and how you say it, some dates may turn ugly.

Not everyone gets along, even in the afterlife.

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Key Features A cast of characters including twelve eligible ghosts to meet and date, as well as memorable bonus weirdos like Fran, Gail, and Carl! Deep, branching conversations with markedly different outcomes depending on what you choose to say A full-fledged date with your favorite ghost that plays out like a text adventure after each speed dating session A wide range of quirky characters speed​​ dating nő spirits of vengeance, compassion, despair, and mischief Original music by Mikey Maybe, the musical alterego of game artist Mikey Hamm, and acclaimed recording artist Doug Hoyer.

Content Warning: Contains frank discussions of death and its consequences, both seriously and with intentional humor.

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