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So congrats, you're the first person to ask me this.

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I thought my tweet was pretty clear, I did not question who she was, I was wondering why she felt ok about uploading pictures of a girl without her consent and calling her 'slutty'. The post came to my attention because some people I was following liked it and it appeared on my timeline and I found it problematic and of course I'd stopped following said people since then.

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You have to recognize and respect other people's ideas and authority especially of their own bodies. And if she felt 'judged' by my tweet, how would the girl on the pictures feel?

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To have the term 'slut' assigned to her by people who don't know her? To be judged harshly only for liking her body and posting pictures of it? The word 'slut' is hurtful and using it only enhances gender discrimination just in case nobody gets why I said 'internalized misogyny'.

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And just because a lot of people liked or agreed with the post, doesn't mean it's right or true. That's argumentum ad populum.

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Logical fallacy And yes, I read selphieusagi 's mentions. She was ok with Rara and Zara agreeing with me, but not me, the opinion-haver, because 'kenal aja kaga.

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I admit that my tweet was probably not the best way to convey mi flirter mean critiques of her behavior. I know that I'm not the perfect feminist and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm trying to be a better one, day by day. And unlike you, anon, at least I don't hide behind anonymity and resort to name-calling.