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Simone: Sure thing. Gergo: No, not really. Simone: Then get up at six?

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But why would you stay out until 4 on a weekday anyway? Simone: Well, who knows.

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Gergo: Schools also start at eight. Most stores usually open only around 9 or Simone: And close between 4 and 6, right? Gergo: Right. Restaurants at nine, and clubs as long as people can walk. Simone: All righty, let's move on to the vocab.

meet and learn

We had a lot of very informal expressions. Gergo: Yes, the first being Mi újság? Not how you want to greet you boss, but it is OK otherwise.

meet and learn

Simone: Mizu? Gergo: Haha, it makes you sound uber-cool. Simone: Well, I am anyway.

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Gergo: Minden oké. I remember Gergo: Very funny.

meet and learn

Gergo: You can also turn it into a question. Minden oké?

MS Look, Listen & Learn - Meet the Masters

Gergo: We also had persze and naná. Simone: These are also informal?

meet and learn

Gergo: Well, you can say persze to your boss, just like "of course. Simone: Got it. You want to get on the grammar point?

meet and learn

Gergo: Naná. Simone: Tell me about it. Have I told you how much I dislike learning them?

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Gergo: About a hundred times, right outside meet and learn studio. Gergo: We heard two words in this lesson that are interesting now - nyolckor, kilenckor. Simone: These, if you learned our previous lesson, should sound familiar. Egykor ebédelek. Simone: Nice. Now what about half, quarter to, and all those. Gergo: Really simple. Fél háromkor kezdünk.

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Simone: Ok, so what is lr társkereső example with 15 then? Gergo: Negyed kilenckor hol vagy?

meet and learn

Simone: The last one should be "The train leaves at Then the keyword here háromnegyed.